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About the service

«City Style» is a fast, convenient, eco-friendly service.
We offer our clients to use a new type of public transport that will allow moving around the city avoiding traffic jams, and improve their health by spending more time outside. Renting an electric scooter is a great way to spend leisure time with friends and family!

Why scooter is great

25 km/h
Powerful lithium batteries with a maximum speed of 25 km/h provide easy and fast ride.
30 km
Travel effortlessly within 30 km. Our scooters are equipped with disc and hand brakes for a comfortable ride.
100 kg
Electric scooter is available almost to everyone, the weight limit is 100 kg.

The top models for rent

Our electric scooters are available for long-term rent from 1 day!

Kugoo S3 PRO

  • запас на 35 км
  • макс. 35 км/ч
  • колеса 200 мм
  • вес 12 кг
от 500 rub.
Deposit 10 000 rub.
Быстрый просмотр

Xiaomi Mijia M365 Pro

  • запас на 30 км
  • макс. 25 км/ч
  • колеса 216 мм
  • вес 14.2 кг
от 500 rub.
Deposit 10 000 rub.
Быстрый просмотр
Family package

How to rent our transport?

Choose the model and number of days of rental
Choose how to get a scooter
Provide the driver's personal information
Payment (bank card online, cash / bank card upon receipt)


Safety rules
Please follow the simple rules when renting a scooter. 1. Only one person can ride a scooter at a time. 2. In order not to damage the scooter, we recommend to slow down and avoid obstacles, such as curbs, pot holes and puddles. 3. Let the pedestrians pass by. 4. Do not perform stunts on the scooter. 5. Do not leave the scooter unattended. 6. Do not use a scooter in the underground. You can drive the scooter side by side or carry it in your hands folded.
What should I do if I scratch my scooter?
If you have scratched the scooter or caused it some other minor damage, please let us know by phone so that we can quickly sort it out, so you don't get too nervous about this situation.
What are the traffic rules for electric scooters?
The traffic rules do not include the concept of electric scooter, so electric scooter drivers are equated with pedestrians. In 2019 deputies developed a number of initiatives regarding the legal incident. Electric transport has a name - personal mobility equipment (PME). PME are electric scooters, segways, monocycles, gyroscuters, roller skates and skateboards. The main rules for PME: 1. Children from 7 to 14 years old should ride only on footpaths, sidewalks, and in pedestrian zones. 2. From 14 years old in the field of riding add bike paths. 3. Adults can drive on the roadside and right edge of the roadway. Please limit the speed of your electric scooter to 60 km/h on the roadway. And do not exceed the speed of 20 km/h if you ride in pedestrian areas. All electric scooters of our rental are equipped with the necessary reflectors and headlights for safe driving. We monitor the technical condition of our rental fleet. Before each rental we check: 1. Brake system. 2. The pressure in the tires. 3. The charge of the battery. 4. The correct operation of lighting equipment. We also recommend that our customers do not listen to the player loudly while driving. Do not enable "restart" in the settings of the electric scooter. These simple rules will make your walk positive and bring only positive impressions.
Where can I ride an electric scooter?
According to the traffic rules, a scooter is a pedestrian. You can move around pedestrian areas.
Can I ride in bad weather?
How to ride correctly?
If you are just getting acquainted with an electric scooter, it is better to first make sure that it does not work in sport mode — it can be distinguished by the letter “S” circled on the screen of the scooter. Many models have a mode switch. To switch it on, press the power button twice. While braking be sure to move your body weight back and it is desirable to brake with two brakes at the same time.
Was the scooter stolen?
Call our phone number. We will find out the circumstances of the incident and understand what to do next.
Where can I park my electric scooter?
In any public place. In order to park you need to secure the lock to a strong safe mount (e.g. a O-shaped hook in a wall).
Can I give the scooter to someone else?
Since you sign the contract when renting, you take responsibility for the vehicle. Therefore, we do not recommend to give the scooter to other people.
How do I find out the charge level of a scooter?
It can be viewed on the screen of the scooter - a strip of dashes at the bottom. NB: if only one dash blinks, you must urgently look for a parking spot. Soon the scooter will stop operating.

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